Transmedia project| Adoption may be the only hope for becoming a family. It is a key part of self-identity for every adopted child. As children grow and develop, the desire to know who they are will grow as well. No one should be denied the right to learn the truth about their origins. However, telling the truth is not always easy for parents. They are afraid that one day the children might prefer biological parents and lose family ties with them. That’s why mothers and fathers use their power to decide what their children should know about themselves. Is it a wise decision for building a healthy family relationship?

A full-time fighter | Protest

Documentary film| Marina Beridze is an eco-migrant from Georgia's Autonomous Republic of Adjara. She became one of the first residents of so called Dream Town, a settlement close to the Black Sea city of Batumi. Her family built a small wooden cabin there in 2012, after the newly appointed government promised to build new houses for the region's eco-migrants. Since then hundreds of other families have joined Marina. Today 1700 families live in the settlement. For the past eight years, Marian has been the community's leader. She is using all available methods to fight for their rights, including occasionally reminding the government to honor their promises to eco-migrants. Marina believes that one day they will create a good city there.